Frequently Asked Questions


Member Support

How do I Contact Support?

You can reach our support team by emailing [email protected]  


Online Platform

How do I reset my password?

Choose the "Reset Password" option when on the login page. 

How do I update my profile picture?

Click on your profile image and choose "settings" from the dropdown menu. 


Live Webinar Event

How do I join the live Webinars?

Go into your membership resources page and click on the Calendar link. That is how you reserve a spot for the next webinar. 


How do I use Zoom? 

You can use it on a phone or computer. It is most seamless when you download the zoom application.  Make sure you allow it to have access to your microphone and camera. 

You can watch a Zoom tutorial here. 



Am I allowed to share my Loving On Purpose TEAM resources?

 All of your resources are for your use only. You cannot share your login or resources with other trainers or facilitators. 


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